Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP)

3CSEP has been closed since 2014. Teaching and research activities related to climate change, energy and the environment has been subsumed and continue under the overall umbrella of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy.

3CSEP is an interdisciplinary research and educational center whose mission is to foster solutions to climate change and sustainable energy challenges. The activities at 3CSEP focus around two broad areas: championing solutions to climate change, including but not limited to, identifying and assessing low- and no-cost remedies that are compatible with sustainable development agendas and crafting policy portfolios promoting such options; and promoting sustainable energy solutions and policies that advance development and public policy agendas.

Research and education at 3CSEP focuses on global and regional problems. The Center is committed to an interdisciplinary approach as well as integrating knowledge and methods from the natural, technical, social sciences, and humanities. Projects often target the interface between technology, society, policy and politics. Most research activities are guided by the pursuit of finding answers to fundamental questions related to climate change and sustainable energy.

3CSEP contributes to the governance of international decision-making processes related to climate change and sustainable energy, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and several other international initiatives. Several projects directly advise national and trans-national governments (EU, UN) and provide guidance for international organizations and networks. The Center also advises national strategy- and policy-making bodies in Hungary.

One of 3CSEP’s major aims is to train Master’s and doctoral students in conducting research in the fields of climate change and sustainable energy. Please click here to learn about 3CSEP in more detail.