International Conference on Energy Efficient Renovation in Residential Building Sector

June 28, 2010 - 09:00 - June 29, 2010 - 16:00
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Hotel Danubius Helia
Kárpát utca 62-64 1133
47° 31' 29.172" N, 19° 3' 22.7664" E
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Open to the Public
Alan Watt
Energia Klub
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In the framework of the STACCATO research project, in which CEU's Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP) is taking an important part, an international conference on energy-efficient renovation in the residential building sector will take place in Budapest on June 28 and 29.

The objectives of EU energy policy in terms of reduction in CO2 emissions through enhanced energy efficiency and cleaner energy production have to be a programme for local communities and especially to the refurbishment building sector. With the residential sector currently accounting for around 27% of energy consumption in the EU, the potential reduction in CO2 emissions that energy efficient housing would provide cannot be underestimated.

During the economic downturn the horizontal benefits and the positive impacts of large scale energy efficient reconstruction are becoming ever more important: the effects on employment, on local economy, on construction industry, on people’s financial status and on fuel poverty are clear and give the impetus for more cities to pay attention to the benefits of refurbishment projects.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity for European project developers, municipalities, NGOs and networks to get the most recent and relevant information from the European financial opportunities, leading projects and best practices on energy efficient refurbishment projects. The participants will have the unique opportunity to discuss, through concrete examples, the different methods that have been elaborated in the CONCERTO and IEE refurbishment projects, which can be replicated and adopted by other cities. The conference will orientate in providing guidance and recommendations.

Registration is required through the conference website.