Opportunities for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Action in an Economic Crisis: Catalysing a Green Recovery

Presentations from the conference "Opportunities for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Action in an Economic Crisis: Catalysing a Green Recovery" at Central European University, October 20, 2009:

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Keynote speeches

Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Director of 3CSEP, CEU:
Catalysing a Green Recovery: Opportunities through Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Action

Harry Verhaar, Director Energy & Climate Change, Philips Corp.:
The Contributions of Energy Efficient Lighting to Sustainable Buildings and Cities

Peter Hardi, Director Center for Business and Society, CEU Business School:
Changing Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Development in Business

Best practices in sustainable energy action

Benigna Boza-Kiss, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Institute for Energy: Energy Efficiency Policies of the European Union and related JRC Activities

János Bencsik, Mayor of Tatabánya, Member of Parliament: Green Tatabánya

László Varró, Senior Vice President for Strategy Development, MOL: Outlook on green recovery
(presented at the conference by Jekatyerina Szoszina)

Richárd Halmay, Environmental Manager, Pannon GSM: Pannon House - Building for the Future

Monika Rothová, Project Manager, Energy Centre Bratislava, Slovakia: Energy Centre Bratislava

Challenges of implementing cutting-edge policies in Central and Eastern Europe

András Tóth, Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, European Commission: European lamps become more energy efficient

Ryszard Zwierchanowski, Vice Chairman, Polish National Energy Conservation Agency: Thermal modernisation process in Poland

Gábor Szécsi, Managing Director, Hungarian Green Building Council: Hungary Green Building Council

László Szekér, Architect, Board member of Hungarian Green Building Council: Sustainable energy and climate change action on the private and public level, that take place in spite of the economic crisis - in a Hungarian architectural practice

Opportunities for financing energy efficiency during an economic crisis

László Heltai and Gyöngyvér Gyene, National Development Agency of Hungary: Financing energy efficiency and renewables through the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds

Péter Nagy, Senior Energy Manager, Municipality of Nyíregyháza: Energy efficiency in Nyíregyháza town

Adrian Balaci, Creative Director, D.V.D. Global Environmental Social Business Kft., Budapest: Social Housing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Renovation Program - SHEERER

Enrique Grosser Lagos, CEO, EnergoSys Zrt., Budapest: Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings: ESCO experiences in crisis time

Norbert Lakatos, Head of Central Sales, Municipal Banking Department, Raiffeisen Bank Hungary: Opportunities for Financing Energy Efficiency During an Economic Crisis

Dora Almassy, Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Szentendre: Regions for Sustainable Change - showing the way to a low carbon future

Opportunities for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Action in an Economic Crisis: Catalysing a Green Recovery