3CSEP actively engaged in the eceee summer study 2011

The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy organized the 10th annual eceee summer study. This is a unique bi-annual event that gathers policymakers, researchers, activists and professionals around energy efficiency issues. In its 2011 edition, two papers authored by 3CSEP researchers - "Co-benefits quantified: employment, energy security and fuel poverty implications of the large-scale, deep retrofitting of the Hungarian building stock" and "How far can buildings take us in solving climate change? A novel approach to building energy and related emission forecasting" - were presented and discussed with summer study participants. In addition, Professor Diana Urge-Vorsatz organized an informal session on the critical relevance of energy efficiency in the forthcoming IPCC's 5th Assessment Report and PhD researchers Ksenia Petrichenko and Sergio Tirado Herrero were part of the 'Graffiti' team that produced the daily newsletter of the conference.