Veronika Czakó

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PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy
MA in Economics
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Veronika Czakó completed her PhD at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at Central European University in 2011. Her thesis, entitled "Multilevel governance of climate change action: a comparative case study of front-runner cities in the UK and Hungary" focused on climate policy in the urban context.

Currently Veronika is working on European energy efficiency policy as post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Energy and Transport at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, in Ispra, Italy.

In the 2010/2011 academic year Veronika carried out research as part of the Policy Fellowship Program of the Open Society Institute Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative. Her policy study "Drowning the suburb: settlement planning and climate change adaptation in the Hungarian metropolitan area context" uncovered the conflicts between urban planning and the need for adaptation to climate change based on the example of the June 2010 floods in the North-Eastern region of Hungary.

While at CEU, at the 3CSEP research centre Veronika was responsible for projects carried out for UNEP and WWF.

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Climate change action in the urban context
energy efficiency policy
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