Completed research projects

Best Practice Policies for Low Carbon & Energy Buildings

Employment impacts of a large-scale deep building energy retrofit program in Poland

Changing Behaviour

Climate change in the Danube-Carpathian region

CO2 mitigation potential in the Hungarian residential sector

CO2 mitigation potential in the Hungarian tertiary sector

EL-TERTIARY: Monitoring Electricity Consumption in the Tertiary Sector

Employment impacts of energy-efficient building retrofits in Hungary

Energy efficiency governance

EnERLIn: European Efficient Residential Lighting Initiative

EuroWhiteCert: Stepwise Towards Effective European Energy Efficiency Policy Portfolios Involving White Certificates

Fuel poverty in Hungary: a first assessment

Green Investment Schemes: Maximizing their benefits for climate and society

IPCC renewables report

Policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings

Post-Lisbon Strategy

REMODECE: Residential Monitoring to Decrease Energy Use and Carbon Emissions in Europe

Standby power consumption of household appliances