Energy Efficiency Governance

Project status: 

The project analyzed energy efficiency governance worldwide. This included institutions and the types of resources available at all levels of government which work to improve energy efficiency. 3CSEP covered the Eastern European and ex-USSR region within this global project on behalf of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The main research questions were, how can a country ensure it has the most appropriate institutional arrangements as part of an overall energy efficiency governance system in order for it to achieve its energy efficiency improvement goals, and what level of resourcing (people and financial) is needed for energy efficiency institutions? The ultimate goal was to assist governments, particularly those from emerging economies, by producing a set of pragmatic guidelines and indicators to help governments to identify priorities for enhanced energy efficiency governance. This project thus aimed to have practical impact on the way energy efficiency is governed by countries all over the world.

Key outputs:

Interviews and case studies on energy efficiency governance in selected countries of the region; preparation and evaluation of a questionnaire survey of energy efficiency institutions worldwide, in cooperation with IEA headquarters and consultants in other world regions; contributing to a full project report and a handbook for energy efficiency policy practitioners.

Diana √úrge-Vorsatz
Alan Watt
Naira Harutyunyan
International Energy Agency
Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP)
Administrative Information
Funding body: 
International Energy Agency
Oct, 2009 - Oct, 2010