Special Issue of Energy Efficiency journal published

3CSEP director Diana Ürge-Vorsatz has edited, along with co-editor Bert Metz, a special issue of the prestigious scientific journal Energy Efficiency. Entitled "Energy Efficiency: How Far Does It Get Us In Controlling Climate Change?", this Special Issue is appearing in two volumes. The first volume has already been published as the May 2009 issue of Energy Efficiency.

The Special Issue contains selected papers by leading scientists, who had all contributed to the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report as lead authors in Working Group III (Mitigation of Climate Change) as well. The first volume focuses on the role of energy efficiency in climate change scenarios, sectoral assessment, and country case studies, primarily providing detail about sectoral analyses.

The whole volume has been made available online by the publisher, Springer.

The second volume of the Special Issue will be published later in 2009 in a subsequent issue of Energy Efficiency, focusing on a broader set of issues regarding energy efficiency, such as the relation with sustainable development policies. This volume will contain a paper on "Bottom–up assessment of potentials and costs of CO2 emission mitigation in the buildings sector: insights into the missing elements" by 3CSEP researchers Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Aleksandra Novikova, Sonja Köppel and Benigna Boza-Kiss.