Monitoring Electricity Consumption in the Tertiary Sector (EL-TERTIARY)

Project status: 

Electricity consumption in the tertiary sector is increasing and a further increase is expected. The overall objective of the EL-TERTIARY project was to enhance the understanding of electricity consumption dynamics in EU25+2 public and commercial buildings for different types of equipment, thereby helping to overcome information barriers to investment and problematic behavior patterns caused by the socio-economic framework operating in the sector. The project aimed to provide detailed and reliable know-how on the electricity consumption structure and its use by purpose in different types of buildings; develop a harmonised methodology for electricity metering, survey and analysis; conduct a pilot campaign based on this methodology; and model impacts of possible energy saving policies. 3CSEP's role was to carry out the electricity demand description of selected tertiary buildings in Hungary, based on measurements, surveys, interviews and site-visits. The aggregated results are published in the form of an international database.

Key outputs:

Analysis of energy consumption in 10 Hungarian schools; preparation of recommendations for improvement; policy recommendation to reduce electricity consumption in tertiary buildings.

Diana √úrge-Vorsatz
Victoria Novikova
Aleksandra Novikova
Sonja Koeppel
Benigna Boza-Kiss
Steve Graning
Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP)
Administrative Information
Funding body: 
European Commission (Intelligent Energy - Europe)
Jan, 2006 - Jul, 2008